Ping Tool for iOS

Ping Tool using ICMP protocol for iOS(iPhone/iPad)

-Ping Ping to single target (1-1)

-SubnetPing Ping to network (2-1)

-ConfiguredPing Ping to configured targets (3-1)

-PathPing (4-1)

-Interface Show interface information on iOS device (5-1)

The following information are included.

- Type of ICMP protocol

- Protocol format of ping

This tool can help you in the work which used IP network.

Please read the following explanation for the details of each function.

Software PING Tool for IOS

Email Supportmailto:support_ios@evrika.jp?subject=Support%20IPv4Tool%20for%20iOS
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The screenshot of Ping Tool for iPad

This application is on a UISplitViewController for iPad.

This application for iPad has the same function as the iPhone version.

This application uses some popover screens in order to display efficiently.

PingTool     Ping     SubnetPing     ConfiguredPing     PathPing     Interface

2012/06/11 PingForiOS has been released.http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/pingforios/id533095336?mt=8